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Your NRA Certified Instructor Lou Cangelosi is a Certified RSO and currently holds NRA Disciplines in 1st Step Pistol Shooting, Basic Pistol Shooting & Basic Personal Protection in the Home. Over his 50 year affair with firearms & recreational shooting, Lou has had an opportunity to hunt nearly every game known within the Continental US and Canada and has competed in both target and tactical/combat competitions.

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A Few Benefits of the 
      Arizona CCW Permit

1. A CCW Permit may be required if you intend on traveling into other states and many recognize Arizona’s CCW Permit. The CCW Permit is especially useful if you're a competition shooter or hunter which can require you ​to transport your arms across State lines. 

2. A CCW Permit is required when entering Arizona establishments that serve alcohol. You may not consume any alcoholic beverages and you are required to observe and comply with the posting of "NO FIREARMS" on the premises.

3. A CCW Permit fulfills the requirements of a background check when purchasing and/or transferring a firearm. 

4. A CCW Permit allows one to carry your firearm in some ​National Parks. Check the State Laws.


 AZ CCW PERMIT ​(Private One on One Instruction) is designed for the applicant to obtain a Certificate of Completion which will satisfy the gun safety and training requirements as prescribed in ARS13-3112.N (see link below). The class instructor is NRA Certified and courses taught by a Certified Instructor are

recognized and mentioned exclusively by the Arizona Department of Health & Safety.


All (Non-Live Fire) Classes are conducted at a mutually agreed upon facility of

the client's choice (i.e. home or work place) or Instructor's recommendation.

The Course fee is $89.00...The Course Plan is as follows:
Lesson 1 Pistol Knowledge, Marksmanship and Safe Gun Handling
Lesson 2 Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
Lesson 3 Maintenance, Cleaning & Storage
Program 1 also includes:

  • AZ CCW Application 
  • Fingerprinting Kit & Referral
  • AZ CCW Laws Update 

The course can be completed in less than 3 hours, dependent upon the applicant's prior shooting experience. There is no range time or live fire exercises, it is classroom instruction only.
 Ammunition in class is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

** We request  that you please keep in mind that the course lesson plan described above is only a basic outline of the Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Permit program.